Dec 2, 2013

In search of the perfect web framework

python, django, flask, gae

I spent some time this past couple of weeks looking for a nice easy to use python web framework. I was looking for something that can handle serving both a user facing application and a backend API platform. Part of the criteria was REST support out of the box, with helpers for content negotiation.

Earlier this week I was looking into Django – a python web framework that looks quite mature, with a well rounded feature set – but that seems like a big heavy hammer for the types of applications I have in mind.

Enter Flask. After reading the tutorial this seems like a nice fit for my apps: small and lean, supports all the core features I was looking for our of the box without too much bloat. Looks to be easy to get started with and noob friendly, very Pythonic.

Here are some interesting links that I came across while researching this:

This should help you get started with Flask on Google App Engine.