Dec 9, 2013

Python first impressions


After a few days of fooling around and trying to get some basic things working I can say that I am starting to enjoy this quite a bit. It’s a nice language that doesn’t require fancy heavy lifting tools to get started with. The debugging experiences a little poor. I set up my virtual environment wrong and it was a little hard to figure that out. The only hint was that my seemingly correctly set up Flask app was not working and I was getting some weird werkzeug exception regarding decorators.

I started using PyCharm from Jetbrains and honestly it is a really, really solid tool. Like other tools in their lineup I’ve had the pleasure of using it’s highly usable, customizable and a great boon to productivity. Running a basic Flask app from PyCharm is well, a charm. Dorky puns aside, I’ve been able to get a few lines of code written and a put together a really basic site in no time at all. I’ve tried some of the routing and templating feature and I must say I’m impressed. With the slick editor in PyCharm it really is a nice smooth coding experience. The $99 price tag is really well worth it.

Presently I have a couple of application in mind for development and deployment to Google App Engine of all places. They seem to have a really nice infrastructure set up for Python application and it would be a pity not to try and use it and learn something new in the process.

Right now it’s getting late, I’m stressing about my contract status for next year and I think I’ll just go watch an episode of one of my favorite series ever, ROME.