Dec 14, 2013

Typography on the web

typography, ui

I just spend about an hour scoping out I believe typography is very important particularly since we spend more and more time in front of out screens. Presentation is just as important as content. With the high resolution screens that are now available on most of the devices we use some of the fonts I found there look simply amazing. Particularly impressive on my new retina MacBook pro – that’s right I went to the dark side, they had cookies.

There are lots of open source options, easy to read with various complexity, weights and spacing.

Google fonts even suggests font pairings so you can get up and running really quickly when trying to select typography for your project. Overall I found this site very useful, highly recommended.

Some of the fonts I found really neat are Oswald, Oxygen, and of course the Roboto series. There are many many other options to suit all tastes. You can generate you CSS imports and include the fonts in your site almost instantly.