Dec 15, 2014

Simplexity - a Jekyll theme


So I’ve been working a little bit on a small, simple theme for Jekyll and I must say I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. The features are great and putting together a theme has been fun. I’ve been using a couple of tools I’ve been itching to try out and I’m pleased with the result so far.

Basscss has been great to work with and once you start to understand it a little it is a solid low level CSS toolkit, without bloat that will serve you well even for more complex projects. Sure, it doesn’t have all the fancy out of the box widgets like Bootstrap or Foundation but for a simple project like Simplexity it has been great. First I’ve come accros this was when I was looking for a light-weight theme for my Jekyll powered blog. A lot of the inspiration came from John Otander’s Pixyll theme and looking at the source of that I’ve stumbled on basscss.

I’ve been using Gulp to process the css and that’s been pretty nice too. The sheer plethora of plugins make it very easy to do what you need. Originally I started looking at Grunt but I felt Gulp was better suited to my light-weight needs.

You can find the theme here - it’s a work in progress still but close to being usable.