Jan 11, 2015

Lexus Qi wireless car charger

automotive, technology

I’ve been toying with the idea of a wireless Qi carger for the car for a while but it turns out Lexus beat me to it.

I was just surfing their model lineup and came accross this very interesting tid-bit: the new NX crossover has a wirelss Qi charging mat built in. You can just place your Nexus or other Qi enabled device on the mat and have it charge while you drive. No more cable mess. Awesomeness! You can go check it out on Lexus’ web site here.

It’s nice to finally see some of the newer technology appear in the latest vehicles. I’m excited to see more although the CES show didn’t really give too much clues

I looked a little closer at the specs and it doesn’t look like the turbo mill quite matches the performance and fuel economy you’ll get with the german counter parts. Maybe I’ll go drive one and see how it feels.