Jan 13, 2015

GTI MK6 trouble

vw, gti, mk6, automotive, review

A quick update on the GTI is in order. I guess this will turn into some kind of long term review after all.

Remeber that crunchy issue I was having with the 1-2 gear shift? Well the car was at the dealer for the better part of two weeks while they diagnosed and fixed the issue. It turns out I wasn’t crazy - the synchors were bad. Aparently there was some kind of gunk in there that was fouling up the bearing as well. So they completly rebuild my transmission. The car now has 28,000KMs.

Now, after a new clutch and pretty much a new tranmission the car runs smoothly and the shifts are great. I guess most of my complaints there are gone. Needless to say I am pretty dissapointed to have this much trouble with the car. I was thinking to trade in for a Golf R when we get it here in Canada but I’m not so sure anymore.

Maybe I should just get an E46 M3 when my lease runs out and be done with it. I know that will do the trick.