Mar 12, 2015

New project and a new skill set

devops, powershell

I’ve been quiet again for a while and have fallen behind with the posts I want to publish. The reason behind this is I got a new gig that requires I expand my skill set in an interesting area that I enjoy working in. I’m talking about devops.

My new team is really busy pushing to production environments for the first time. As they’re working really hard to get the product out the door everyone is much too busy to babysit me - so they just said automate our build and release.

A bit of a tall order but fortunately one of the other teams here has a pretty slick system in place that I’ve been fortunate to see. I’ve been spending a bit of time there to pick their brains on how they do things. Familiar names come up like Nuget, Chocolatey, Octopus, powershell. A few of the tools they use are up on Github as well like psake and poshBAR. The latter is a great collection of powershell scripts designed to help you manage the build and release for .net applications.

All of this is pretty cool and exciting but it’s keeping me really busy. I also have a side project that has been on the back burner for much too long - hopefully that will come together a little before summer is in full swing.

Oh, F1 season is starting this weekend so there won’t be much posting/working going on either.