Nov 11, 2015

Javascript open day YYC

javascript, conference

So today is a holiday - Remembrance Day - and the client site is closed. We have the day off before the axe comes down tomorrow and we find out who, if anyone, we will lose to restructuring. Hopefully not too many people will be affected. Who knows I might be on the market as of tomorrow morning. It’s generally a pretty gloomy mood out there in the oil and gas circles.

Anyway, I decided to take the day off and not really work on anything and just catch up on some writing I’ve been wanting to do. So first thing’s first - a couple of weeks ago I attended Javascript Open Day YYC and there were a couple of interesting sessions there. I’ve already emailed my team a summary and I wanted to include my notes here as well. There are a couple of cool things that I wanted to try for a while and never really get the time.

One of those things is Electron - this is really cool and it runs two of the editors I use on a daily basis:

Both of these are really cool and having never really gotten into Sublime or TextMate I really enjoy these two alternatives. In fact these new blog posts are authored in Atom and I use Code extensively at work for my PowerShell development.

Here’s my brain dump from the sessions. I should have taken more detailed notes on the Mac but the phone was more handy and I’m really starting to get into Notes.

Faruk Atesh - modernizer author

Shean Goresht - real time on the web

OOlivier Wietrich

Eric Krisky

Local YYC guy, very active in the community.

Rami Sayar

Stephanie Hobson

Grant Skinner

Runs a very successful out of Edmonton - who wants to live in Edmonton?!