Dec 6, 2016

Amazon reInvent awesomeness

tech, news, cloud

If you’re a techie you’ve surely kept a keen eye on Amazon’s reInvent to see what new and exciting features/services they are bringing to market.

This year there are a couple of things I am very excited about and the most important category is AI. I’m super excited to get access to this type of technology a small or even medium dev shop can’t really hope to develop in house.

Amazon Rekognition

This is a really cool image recognition service and I already have some ideas for a weekend hack using it. I am very eager to try this on and explore some of the features like face recognition/search. I will have some time over the next couple of months to experiment (more on this in another post) and I am really looking forward to it. Obviously there are some ethical implications here with this type of technology commoditized on a large scale this way but more on that later.

Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly

These two are also super exciting, particularly with all the bot building craze that has been going on lately. Expect to see even more fake and absurdly interactive profiles on your Tinder. Joking aside, this opens up some very interesting opportunities for folks that want to speech enable their applications.

Amazon Lightsail

A straightforward simple hosting service from Amazon? How awesome! This can replace that EC2 instance that is costing you money and isn’t doing much. I know it will save me some money for a couple of things I don’t want to spend the time and host elsewhere - worth checking it out.

Amazon C# support for Lambda

This one is pretty self explanatory. While I’ve been getting very comfortable with Node this is a very welcome addition to the AWS Lambda for folks like me that have an extensive .Net/C# background.

That’s it folks - stay tuned for some small projects built using these services. What will you build with these exciting new tools?