Mar 17, 2017

Follow up on 2017

resolutions, personal

Just a follow up on 2017 resolutions post. I figured closing in on the end of the first quarter I should probably write a bit about the 2017 resolutions I’ve accomplished so far. Well, honestly, just one. I did get to spend more time with the kids;

The kid, really. The oldest one is a young adult now and she’s got a mind of her own. I just don’t get to see her around the house as much as I’d like anymore. The little one is a different story. We go to the gym together, check out the library and book stores, do homework together and a whole bunch of stuff. I’m particularly excited about the yarn animals we’re building tomorrow - we picked up a book at the school book fair and we’ll give some of those projects a try.

On the work front things haven’t gone as planned. I was going to take some time off and focus on a couple of projects that would help me get that 1000 paying users milestone. Unfortunately some developments on the personal front shifted those plans to getting back to work a little earlier. My friend Serene wanted me to help on a project and after an informal interview I was onboard and working on this interesting project built on NodeJs and Angular. There were some really interesting learnings there that I will talk about in a separate post.

I also interviewed with a local consultancy at about the same time and joined their team late February. I started working with a couple of teams at one of their clients and so far it’s proven to be a super interesting engagement with lots of stuff for me to learn. These guys have been stuck in a rut for a while and I was brought in as a coach/mentor to help develop their ability to write loosely coupled, testable software. The engagement scope is fairly broad and it involves me helping with their agile practices as well - from writing acceptance criteria to better retrospectives - so I am a little stretched right now. On the other hand it’s so rare that I am presented with such an exciting opportunity and the guys are super eager and engaged. They’ll be better than me in no time. In the end I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity and so far it’s been really interesting. More on this later.