Jan 23, 2018

Still kicking!


As a quick summary to 2017’s resolutions - I did manage to spend more time with the kids. No races, no ideas executed on and no product. Kinda of a downer really on a professional level.

Looking back at 2016/2017 I only managed 6 posts. The truth is I like building software more that I like writing about it. I also like riding my bike so a lot of time goes into that.

I might have to adjust my expectations in terms of number/quality of posts going forward. The truth is I don’t want to regurgitate stuff that is already out there and it is quite difficult and time consuming to come up with original content and insights. Maybe some of the of the posts will be simply guide on how to get started an aggregate various other resources - with credit of course.

I am pretty excited about some of things I am building lately - both at work and at home - and I just want to jot down some thoughts on those as well.

On the consulting front I am lucky enough to work with some very smart people and we are building some really cool things for our customer with .Net Web Api and React/Redux.

On the personal interests side I am looking into a couple of things:

I hope to write more about those two topics as time permits and hopefully contribute some meaningful and original content. Maybe one of the posts can be on deserializing to anonymous types in c# since that seems to be my most popular post, though there already are well documented way to do this.